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About Us

myEPK Media works with firms, agencies, organizations, companies and influencers to create not only responsive websites, but entire creative campaigns with proven results. As the “general Contractor of the Web” we conceive the digital execution for many powerful businesses and influencers today. Our clientele encompasses anyone that desires a strong digital brand and possesses a commitment to creative expression in all mediums. They understand that the way to communicate in the 21st century isn't just a flashy logo or a dozen keywords in some spammy copy, it's through art that resonates. It's with connection. And myEPK Media is the brand that connects creators and fans, visionaries, and those who want to succeed.

Our team lives in the world beyond boxes, limits, or rules. We have a flair for bringing over-the-top designs to fruition in the space our clients live in! Everything we build is with LOVE!

Join the myEPK movement and be inspired with quality from start to finish. The possibilities are endless when you have a team of fearless creative considered the best in their fields!

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  • Full responsive
  • Made with Love
Our Team
  • Vanessa Ferrelli
    - Mastermind Muse
  • Bella Ferrelli
    - Creative Genius
  • PJ Pop
    - Animation Illustration Wiz

Join Our Network

myEPK Media is always searching for the best of the best! If you’re a visionary or outlier in your genre or industry, we want to speak to you.

Are you fabulously creative and fearless before, during, and after you create something new? We are growing our team of Graphic & Web Designers, Animators, Journalists, Copywriters, Photographers, Videographers, Back-End Developers, Photo Editors, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Bloggers, Influencers, Composers, Promoters, and those who aspire to make art in everything they do.

Please submit your contact info and portfolio, along with an audio recording of why you’re trying to join myEPK Media (2-3 minutes maximum)

No Resumes will be reviewed.